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Chain Effect is a venture consultancy that delivers guiding strategies, crafts modern experience design, builds digital ventures from scratch and consults established companies by leveraging the latest technologies.

Bringing blockchain
native transparency
and fairness to
gambling business

Strategy, Prototyping, Design, Production

Activating pet
lovers community
with location
based interactions

Strategy, Prototyping, Design, Production

Rewarding token
holders with passive
income and active roles
in underlaying networks

Strategy, Prototyping, Design

Optimizing heating
maintenance and
energy management

Strategy, Prototyping, Design

Delivering latest
mentions and active
reporting from analog
and digital sources

Prototyping, Design, Production

Bridging the gap
between traditional
finance and digital
asset economy

Strategy, Prototyping, Design

Fresh online presence
and webshop of
world renowned
choreographer and influencer


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Chain Effect is a venture consultancy and production that builds technology products and companies by assembling lean and experienced teams.

Chain Effect ltd.
Dunajska street 123
1000 Ljubljana

Chain Effect ltd.
Dunajska street 123
1000 Ljubljana