Utilizing the power
 of blockchain

Venture production studio of
entrepreneurs, developers and scientists,
crafting decentralized applications,
infrastructure and services.




Our mission is to support the blockchain community by identifying new opportunities, delivering useful tools and demanding decentralized applications as well as facilitating the distributed economy to prevail into the mainstream.

We are developing a self-sustaining venture production studio, used to enhance prevailing concepts and foster new ideas into services, especially to those which tend to have an impact on the crypto community and blockchain space as a whole.



Product validation and MVP development

Our core multi-disciplinary team assign work and experiences to sticky startup MVPs and prototypes. It repeatedly test and reshapes them until products stick and fit to markets needs. 


Cofounders and domain
specialists partnerships

By inviting incredible talents and partnering with domain specialists, we are creating an in-house critical mass of experts, transforming an idea into a fast-growing company. 


Funding & growth

We exponentially grow the product, team and customers. The company becomes independent and profitable.  





connects crypto investors with real estate investment opportunities in a secure, easy and transparent way.



With the digital economy becoming more competitive, successfully launching a new product requires perfect execution on every level: planning, development, design, marketing and sales. Many of these are repeatable competencies that can be supported centrally without having to acquire them in the early project stages. The multi-disciplinary mix of talent is what enables us to innovate, build and scale products faster than others.

Chain Effect Lab


IInnovation Research Lab

Our organization researches latest technologies, builds innovative new ventures with internal resources in a sustainable and repeatable way


BBlockchain Development

We are well versed in blockchain and smart contract development. Combining blockchain related technologies and services into your products with us is easier than it was ever before


CConsulting and Academy

Building knowledge-sharing bonds with companies and universities, launching workshop programs for crypto enthusiasts and offering token project planning and consulting services

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